Crossy Road

From Adrenaline Amusements

Item Number: 026638N


Bringing the extremely successful mobile game to the arcade, Crossy Road Arcade is a 2 player video redemption game.

Offered as: Standard, Mini

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How to Cross Multiple Lanes

This is a matter of timing. Jump right after a car has passed to hug as closely to the bumper as possible. It will give you some leeway to wait on slow-moving lanes before skipping through lanes with speeding traffic. The same goes for logs as well.

Anything more than 3 lanes might seem daunting, but don’t panic! Just hold the screen slightly further away from you. It will help you spot ‘negative space’. Gaps between vehicles will be more obvious when you look from the macroview.

Image Credit: GamezeboImage Credit: Gamezebo

Apart from looking ahead to spot train signals, bridging logs, and gaps in traffic, keep a sharp eye out for the lily pads and coins as well. Align your avatar to the lily pads and coins while it is waiting on the sidelines. These can make or break your sprint record. It’s no use to sprint past 5 roads, only to find yourself facing inevitable drowning without a lily pad.

How To Form A Strategy

Before you hit ‘Start’, tell yourself to stick to the plan. Are you aiming for coins, high scores or tactics to unlock mystery characters? Pause the game to rethink your plan if you find that Plan A isn’t going well.

Don’t hesitate for more than five seconds when the game begins, or be prepared to be swooped away for the eagle’s next big meal. You know the end is near when your avatar starts slipping out of view.

Image Credit: iMoreImage Credit: iMore

There will be openings in the traffic, and occasions when Lady Luck is on your side, aligning all the logs together in a temporary bridge. Or if you are really lucky, Hipster Whale — the original mascot of the company — will be there as your stepping stone.

Sprinting through these opportunities require precision and quick thinking, especially when it involves a combination of lateral moves. Don’t be afraid to move sideways on the roads and on the logs. For instance, a double swipe right could be your ticket out of a deadlock between two cars in the same direction. Take baby steps in complicated traffic, instead of waiting to dash across the road at the last second. The latter will most probably end in tragedy.

Most importantly, keep your cool and go with the plan. You’ll see that the coins matter more than the collisions.

How To Avoid Riptide

The only way to avoid it is to notice it. Usually, players are too caught up with spotting planks to step on that they don’t realise they are drifting closer to the white froth in the river. A safe bet is to always try to keep as closely to the middle of the river as possible.

Image Credit: SsquareImage Credit: Ssquare

But when you do veer too close to the edge, this combination of ‘tap-slide-tap’ usually helps. Get your avatar on to the plank floating in the opposite direction, and enjoy the ride back. Don’t get overexcited and decide to take a dip in the waters to cool down.

Hop onto the crocodiles as well. They won’t bite.